Arthur Tabachnik Scholarship

Arthur Tabachnick Scholarship

Florida Young Artists Orchestra Arthur Tabachnick Scholarship Fund

The Arthur Tabachnick Scholarship Fund is a scholarship fund established by Shirley Tabachnick in memory of her late husband, Arthur Tabachnick. Arthur Tabachnick was a superb violinist and musician, teacher, friend and contributor to the Florida Young Artists Orchestra (“FYAO”), and this award will help to preserve his legacy and continue the many contributions of Shirley and Arthur Tabachnik to the FYAO.

Initial Fund Drive

Although the initial contributions to the Fund will come from the Tabachnick family members and friends, the FYAO and other interested persons will seek additional contributions to the Fund through FYAO program notices, the FYAO web site and other means. This obligation of the FYAO will continue from year to year while the scholarship is available exclusively to FYAO members. Scholarship Amount. The amount of the annual scholarship award will be based upon but will not exceed the income from investment of the Fund. The method of investment will be determined and managed by the FYAO Board of Directors (the “FYAO Board”).

Applicant Requirements

Competition for the award is open to all orchestral instrumentalists in the FYAO. The scholarship will not be awarded in years in which there are no qualified applicants. Each applicant must be a full time high school senior, in good standing with his or her school, who plans upon graduation to attend a nationally or internationally recognized and reputable music school to seek a professional career in music. The applicant must have been a member of the FYAO for at least two (2) years prior to the date of application (the current year of application may be counted as a full year of FYAO membership).

Application Procedure

Application forms will be made available through the FYAO office. The FYAO Board will advertise the award to qualifying members of the FYAO at the beginning of each concert season. Information about the Arthur Tabachnick Scholarship Fund will be published (at FYAO expense) in all FYAO major concert programs and will be approved by Shirley Tabachnick or her designee. Applications will be accepted each year at the FYAO office from January 1 to and including March 1 of each year. Incomplete applications and those applications which are received at the FYAO office after March 1 will not be considered, exceptIMG_0926_edited-1 that in the event March 1 falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, the deadline will be extended to the next business day. All applicants shall submit a video recording of a performance (performed in the last 60 days) of a major work from the standard repertoire for the applicant’s instrument, with piano accompaniment. Applicants shall also submit a list of all present and previous music teachers with completed recommendation forms for each teacher possible. Shirley Tabachnick or her designee will be responsible for developing the application form and the teacher recommendation forms, subject to the approval of the FYAO Board.

By way of summary, the completed application must include the following:
  • A completed written application.
  • A video recording of the applicant’s performance of a major work from the standard repertoire for the instrument, with piano accompaniment.
  • Completed recommendation forms from all present and previous music teachers possible.

Award Procedure

The recipient of the annual scholarship will be chosen solely by Shirley Tabachnick (or another person designated by Shirley Tabachnick) with the advice of the FYAO Artistic Director. The winner of the award and the award amount shall be announced on or about April 1 of the year of application. The winner may be invited and agrees as a condition to receipt of the award to give a recital or otherwise perform as a soloist following the award at a venue selected by the FYAO Artistic Director.

Payment of Award

The award recipient may receive the scholarship award payment upon presenting to the FYAO Executive Director written proof of the recipient’s full time enrollment in a nationally or internationally recognized and reputable music school within one (1) year following the date of the award, indicating pursuit of a major degree in music. Transfer of Arthur Tabachnik Scholarship Fund. If the FYAO ceases operation for any reason, or if the FYAO fails to adhere to any part of their obligations outlined herein, then Shirley Tabachnik or her designee may order a transfer of the Arthur Tabachnik Scholarship Fund to another organization of her choice.