The Audition Process

Getting Started

Discuss with your private music teacher and parents which orchestra is right for you. Make sure you and your parents have read all provided information (brochure and audition requirements), including a visit to our website at On the web site, you will find detailed information about the orchestras, including the current member handbook, concert recordings and all required audition information. Should you not have web access, please contact our office at 407-257-8886 and further information can be provided by mail.

Fill out the Membership Application which, if not provided, can be downloaded from this website or obtained by calling our office.  Mail the completed Membership Application along with your $20 non-refundable audition fee to the FYAO office. Checks should be made payable to FYAO.  Credit cards are also accepted by calling the office.  No audition can be scheduled until the $20 audition fee is received. Audition fees cannot be waived. The FYAO will contact you by mail or phone to notify you of your audition date, time and place.

There is an annual tuition fee for each season.  Please visit the “Tuition and Expenses” section of the website for a list of tuition fees.  Scholarships for FYAO tuition due to financial hardship may be available for qualifying applicants upon completion and submittal of the FYAO scholarship application.  Payments are due upon acceptance into the FYAO unless a payment plan has been established.

Audition excerpts are available for download from the FYAO website, Please be sure to download the excerpt for the instrument you play and for the orchestra for which you wish to audition. Prepare for your audition by practicing the materials listed on the excerpt. Excerpts may also be obtained by calling our office.

The day of your audition, plan to arrive 30 minutes before your audition to allow yourself time to warm up.  For our younger musicians, Artistic Staff will be available should you need help in tuning your instrument.

Annual auditions are typically conducted starting in May by the FYAO Artistic Staff and by music professionals working with the staff.  Auditions may be continued as needed throughout the year for specific openings in the orchestra rosters. Currently, auditions will be held on the Trinity Preparatory School campus, unless directed otherwise by the FYAO. Directions to specific audition locations will be provided when your audition time has been scheduled.  Students will be notified by the FYAO of audition results and receive a follow-up membership packet upon acceptance into the FYAO.

The Principal Round

Following the annual May auditions, students with high audition scores will be invited by mail or telephone to audition for the principal seat in their instrumental section (including concertmaster). Typically, the principal round is scheduled in late June.  A panel of music professionals not affiliated with the FYAO will judge Principal Round auditions.

Placement Policies

The Artistic Director and Conductor determine both the orchestral placement and the seating within each orchestra.  Acceptance and placement within an orchestra is based on merit and considers the performing member’s audition, level of past participation, leadership ability and maturity.  Placement may be influenced by the needs of the sections in each orchestra.  The applied teacher of an auditioning musician may be consulted to determine the most appropriate placement within the FYAO system.  Movement within or between orchestras can occur during the season, at the discretion of the Artistic Director and/or the Conductor.

Private Study

The FYAO is a challenging endeavor and wonderful experience. To enhance performance, members of the FYAO are strongly encouraged to study their instrument privately.