Private Instruction

The Florida Young Artists Orchestra encourages each student to study privately with a qualified teacher of your choice.  Rehearsal time is not the time to learn your music – that time is better spent putting the music together with other musicians.  You are responsible to learn your music outside of rehearsals, and a private teacher can help you learn to play your FYAO music well.  No matter what your playing ability, you will benefit from having a trained professional help you become an even better player.  Even if you don’t plan on becoming a professional musician, you will achieve much more and have more fun in the process.  Plus – the challenge of working hard with focus will develop that very usable skill, which will carry over into any other field or occupation you choose in your lifetime.

On this page, we plan to publish a list of professional music teachers in the area whom you can contact regarding private instruction.  Check back soon for the list, but in the meantime, feel free to speak with any of our Artist Staff for suggestions of private teachers of your instrument.